Mr. Manoj Kumar is an electrical engineer, who has worked with engineering and marketing companies, planning marketing strategies and supervising sales. He has also been a technical and marketing consultant to small - scale units.

These experiences gave him the opportunity to observe the functional success of various types of units. In time, he began to assess these premises from Vaastu's viewpoint. His study has included over 3500 industrial, commercial and residential premises that has led to the preparation of an Omni - applicable data bank.

This formed the basis of a 'cause and effect' relationship in today's context, involving Vaastu principles. Synergizing his engineering skills and four years association with reputed architects to understand the logistics of modern architecture, Mr. Manoj Kumar is today recognised as Vaastu Consultant of repute.

His assignments have included consultancy to leading business groups, industrialists and businessmen for their existing and new ventures. He is also involved in designing and planning of industrial units in co-ordination with technical consultants / architects.

His speciality is to blend the principles of Vaastu with modern architecture and the logic of developers, builders, regulating authorities and, of course, the needs of users / residents.

He has published articles and appeared for interviews in leading journals and publications. He has also been interviewed on the National Television Network.

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