As you cannot become a doctor by reading books, browsing through these or other similar websites, referring self learning books is not going to make you a Vaastu shastri. Should you decide to try it personally, it may be hazardous for you.

Vaastu has a peculiarity - it follows what Mr. Manoj Kumar calls the "Fingerprint Syndrome". No two sites are the same, as compared to others. Minute differences do creep up, and should you try to use the 'rule-of-thumb' technique, you may start losing and rather badly, too. Get hold of a Vaastu consultant and take his advice. This is imperative.

Architects may complain of claustrophobia while working within the confines of Vaastu, but in truth, it actually releases them, and ultimately induces them to design more user friendly and aesthetic structures.

Let the phoenix rise from the ashes and spread its glorious wings of harmony. Welcome to Vaastudom.


Mr. Manoj Kumar,
Manish Nagar,
J.P. Road,
Andheri (W),
Bombay - 400 053
TeleFax : +(91)-22 6347707, Mobile : +(91) 98200 28181
E-Mail : manoj@vastushastra.com

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