There is no reason to tip the balance if your fortunes, peace of mind, health and your business are doing fine and are in perfect harmony. Your place already has a good Vaastu. If not, browse on....

You are at an occupational age. You are qualified. You are resourceful and brilliant. Yet, nothing is going fine. You opt for an equally qualified business partner. Nothing seems to be wrong on paper, but you find yourself squabbling because nothing seems to be working and your contemporaries, though of lesser caliber, leave you far behind. It is highly likely that the Vaastu of your office / factory is all-wrong.

Check this - you plithe your troth. You start fighting with your spouse, say for no reason at all. The offspring you love very much are more troublesome, you find. Your children behaving rather antisocially due to reasons beyond your understanding. Your parent come 'visiting'. Previously such a joy, now they appear to be burdensome.

The food you eat tastes lousy with missing salutiferous values. Your fortunes start slipping away and you enter a corridor of eternal uncertainty. Before you label yourself a failure, hold on.....

Chances are, you are just going about it the wrong way. The Vaastu of your dwelling could be all wrong. Correct it. Don't expect miracles to happen, but you will definitely reap the benefits, by and by.

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